Founded in 2016 …

  • Subject Matter Expert of cybersecurity in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and ICS (Industrial Control System)
  • Literally, we provide you the 2nd advisories (fresh-eye opinions) regarding cybersecurity 
  • Contextually, it stands for “Sustainable Enterprise Cybersecurity Of Next-gen Defense”
    • Cybersecurity is not a product, nor solution.  It’s a culture and journey in an organization undergoing constant transformation for sustainability, be adaptive to the changing business environment and be promptly reacting to emerging cyber threats
    • As a commercial organization or enterprise, use defensive (keep adversaries out) rather than offensive (attack the attacker) tactics in dealing with cybersecurity
    • Cyber protection is not just the responsibilities of cybersecurity practitioners but a secure digital business environment will rely the collaborations from all levels in an organization, and challenge if the required cybersecurity measures are pragmatic or industrial best practices rather than just based on text-book knowledge or FUD induced from sales pitches 
    • Staying at the 2nd place will always identify improvement areas among the best (1st place)