TLS is breakable. Similar post is here. This is normally done at the Internet gateway. Anything flowing thru the tunnel
Here, I am not talking about the fundamental of information security, the CIA aspects. Most often, we trust the policy
Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is suddenly becoming eye-catching in ICT. No doubt, this will enhance cybersecurity as untrusted by
Driving on the road is risky in the physical world. The worst consequence is fatality. There are life-saving measures like
For regions driving on the left, driver seat in the vehicle is on the right. If this policy is blindly
I came across certain cybersecurity practitioners who are obsessive with technical controls and insist a strict binary decision in determining
In any field work, safety is the most important thing. Yet, we cannot totally eliminate the likelihood of fatality no
When installing controls, you have to understand what is the protection objective. Don't just apply textbook knowledge for the sake
Certain cybersecurity practitioners have no knowledge of the implication when writing policy statement even with help from external subject matter
Things outside your comfort zone or knowledge will generate FUD. There are always news exaggreating cyber risks causing severe consequence
One of the key activities in cybersecurity is to deploy security patches on regular basis. This is intended to upkeep
Certain cybersecurity practitioners are obsessive on technical controls. They overlook the consequence due to cyber or other non-cyber causes will