We are living both in the physical and cyber worlds and these worlds are closely coupled.

We have left lots of cyber footprints – posts in social media, emails to others, auto-toll road, facial recognition via video analytics by surveillance camera, RFiD cards in the pocket, cell phone IMEI with location service, electronic identity of many, purchase preference, web browsing habit, medical & education history … not to mention those event logging.  All these can be traced back to an individual, if intended.

An individual might also locate the peers from cyber world to reach out physically.  Common example is proposed contact by social network via your connected friends.

Machines are also controlled by automation where these controls are “living” in the cyber world. Performance of machines are feeding back to machine learning to improve physical operational efficiency.

Unless you stay in the wild completely off the grid, hunting and farming for food, using natural fuel, living in a closed & trusted community without electronic communication. Otherwise, you are tracked to somewhat degrees.

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