There are network anomaly detection technologies to alert abnormal network traffic of potential cyberattack. The pre-requisite is let the technology learn the current network traffic pattern as baseline profile. Then anything outside this profile boundary will be treated as anomalies and triggers alert.

It is a great technology – no signature or definition update for zero TCO maintenance. All are self-sustained.

However, the key question is how long should the technology acquire the correct baseline profile? Some vendors claim just one or two weeks suffices. Really? Even with 80/20 rule, such short duration shall generate many false alerts that eventually affecting confidence. Realistically, duration in a year for setting up the baseline profile deems necessary to fully cover the normal traffic. After all, human perception especially senior management is important for successful deployment. A KPI dashboard shall provide visibility of the value of the technology. Last but not the least, network anomalies detection is just one layer of defense. We should strengthen other protection layers rather than blindly invest in just one technology.

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