Parthenon, 447 BC

Some cybersecurity practitioners always mention network diagram to have cybersecurity architecture for review and so-called approval.

They know just the term and never grasp the real meaning. Cybersecurity architecture is actually the digital landscape having these core elements: network zoning, electronic perimeter control, cyber protection measures. The last one is an organization-wide issue because protection measures are not solely via technical controls which are the last to consider. Not everything can be technically enforced and if it does, it kills business. Enhancing workforce competency especially cybersecurity practitioners who act as internal subject matter expert to provide reputable and credible opinions rather than just slipping words out of their mouth. Situation awareness is another key player in protection measure.

The illustrated architecture is an aged structure with and yet it is still standing there. By the same token we should not solely demand refreshing technology obsolescence because it has entered end of support. It needs a holistic view (I hate to say risk assessment which is another widely abused term by certain cybersecurity practitioners who just hide their incompetency rather than providing constructive and achievable recommendations) how it is deployed, for what purposes and what is consequence if failed for an informed decision.

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