No doubt, the technology is secure. But without assessing the situation holistically, this is inconclusive.

Rulesets might be wrongly set or firewall is wrongly configured, then the DPI firewall is insecure. If the connecting components are in a restricted and lock down environment, a DPI firewall is overkill and won’t contribute to enhance more security.

By the same token, media always exaggerate cyber threats. We must judge if such threat scenarios are likely in our environment rather than blindly doing unnecessary lock down on existing systems. An example is the ransomware attack via inactive user account thru VPN without 2-factor authentication, or authenticated users via PrintNightmare exploit. Something must be done but not to complete today. Security enhancement must be assessed, managed rather than in a piecemeal manner. The latter might even create more problems after blindly applying the counter-measures.

Remember – action without plan is nightmare; plan without action is day dream.

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