As cyber attacks have already moved from network layer to application tier, DPI is a must to examine contents to detect malicious intention.

Some technologies (like web proxy) even break the TLS for content inspection incurring cyber threats from user perspective that https is no longer trusted to be secure.

In a corporate environment

  • Privacy is not guaranteed via a blanket statement by consent to being monitored when start using the IT facilities, e.g. displayed in logon banner.
  • As an user, check the site certificate if issued by site owner or another party to understand if traffic is being intercepted

For network in public

  • Usually connectivity is via WLAN
  • You have no idea what is behind the infrastructure, whether it has been maniuplated for malicious intention.
  • So, follow the OS platform recommended public network profile upon connection
    — Don’t allow your device being discovered
    — Disable folder sharing
    — Setup another web browser without login credential saved for general web surfing
    — Never use insecure protocols, e.g. POP3, FTP, Telnet where credential is sent in plain text

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