It is the early term in this domain. It covers everything under the sun regarding information.
As time goes by, information containers are moving into digital and seldom in hardcopies making it cyber nature and then cybersecurity becomes a fashion and buzzword. We have already replaced fax machine by email or secure electronic communication, carrying thumb drive instead of bundle of hardcopies, balance in stock account replacing the stock certificates.

It is true for most of the cases but there are still information in hardcopy forms like birth certificate, marriage certificate, dealth certificate, passport, deed of assignment, legal documents in court etc.

Therefore, these are outside the “cyber” sense and we must not forget the necessary protection to secure these kinds of information. The challenge is the “backup” which will require certified true copy issued by authenticated body. Sometimes, you can only have the original copy without backup like passport. Safekeeping the information container in possession is the prime protection.

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