The commodities (toys) are encapsulated in the vending machine (plastic containers). All containers share the same Point of Sales (PoS) device – the Octopus sensor. Upon successful payment, the outlet valve is released to pass out the selected item.

You might wonder if these vending machines are securely protected as they are placed in open area and unattended.

This is a typical scenario for cybersecurity practitioner in recommending business people the appropriate level of protection.

There are CCTV in the arcade to record people accessing the vending machine. Physical brute force attack will be recorded. And for vending machine like this, physical is far more effective over cyber attack to collect the toys.

Having recorded footage of physical attack won’t be useful without the laws & regulations coming into place. The deterrent is that offender will be caught and prosecuted for criminal act.

Last but not least, consider the total value of the commodities plus the equipment itself. If investment to deploy add-on protection exceeds or close to this value, there is no point to do so. Simply accept the risk of total loss. After all, it is business decision rather than a cybersecurity practitioner’s requirement.

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