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It is no harm to have dual standard to fit specific use case. As long as the directive is clearly
Recently I gave a talk to a local university students about cyber survivability. At the end of the session, it's
There are network anomaly detection technologies to alert abnormal network traffic of potential cyberattack. The pre-requisite is let the technology
Cybersecurity policy establishment and cybersecurity policy enforcement are usually executed independently in an organization. Normally, policy authors are more knowledgeable
Policy statement must be clearly defined and published. It must also be precise without ambiguity but subject to interpretation by
Availability is one of the protection objectives in cybersecurity. When deploying new systems, the design must cater for spare capacity.
It is easy to for artists to draw something or writers compose fictions beyond imagination. Such creation even stimulates innovation
When we deploy control, we always have to understand what we are trying to achieve. In the illustration, if the
Good cybersecurity policies (management directives) should avoid incorrect interpretation nor perception. Further down the road, if policies is not precise
It is the same scene but different people will interpret it differently. Business managers or plant floor engineers have their
Disruptive technologies and their rapid advancement have changed the way we live. With proliferation of Internet hotspot (mostly free) &
Adding control won't give you more security. I came across advices from other cybersecurity practitioner that overkills. Indeed, the insecure